Summer Fun On The Air October 2018

With the weather turning slightly cooler and autumn just around the corner its time to remind ourselves of the hot sunny days of the summer and the field day activities enjoyed by the club. With scorching hot temperatures and blue skies for all, the start of July signalled the RSGB VHF National Field Day Contest, and once again NDARC was out to enjoy the weather, the conditions, the teamwork and the food. Hot summer days are great and bring a smile to everyone’s faces, its not quite so much fun when your in a tent though with 3 radios running, laptops and people. Luckily fans were on hand to keep everyone and everything cool and ticking over nicely. Conditions on the band were poorer than had been hoped but with the result of a certain football match (no doubt distant in peoples minds now) being played that day, the quieter than normal bands were to be expected. As with most field days however it was the sense of team work, enjoyment and general good times, which people remember year after year. This year also marked NDARC’s first win at Contest level with the team securing a 1st Place in the Low Power section of the 4m contest. Overall everyone attending enjoyed the event and thoughts start to turn as the weather gets cooler to the summer again and the 2019 season.

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