Fundraising for the club – Can you help us and yourself?

NDARC has come on by leaps and bounds in 2023. We’ve moved to the Windmill Club, which a great venue for us, with more and longer club nights and a bar, as well as a field that has been perfect for Field Days. On top of that, our members have added a radio mast with a 2m colinear antenna, 6m and 4m halos and an 80m EFHW HF antenna, all fed into the club room. We try and keep our fees as low as possible, so as to give anybody the chance to join, so we need to raise a bit of cash to carry on building radio facilities for our members. We have ideas for a couple of projects next year – a QO-100 satellite ground station and a remote HF or 2m station that can be run from home for members that would enjoy the great location or are prevented from putting up an antenna at home. The Nuneaton and Bedworth Lottery is designed for clubs like ours, with half the proceeds coming to the club, 10% to good causes in the borough, the rest as prize money going to the ticket buyers. The draw takes place every week, and costs just £1 per ticket. The chances of winning are much better than the National Lottery, with a £25,000 prize available each week. You’ll need to nominate Nuneaton and District Amateur Radio Club as the organisation you wish to support.

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