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Welcome To Nuneaton & District Amateur Radio Club

Established in 2014, Nuneaton & District Amateur Radio Club offers a varied program of events and activities aimed at encouraging both those new members entering the hobby for the first time as well as providing activities and opportunities for those more experienced members of the amateur radio community to expand their knowledge.

Club nights are held on the 3rd Friday of each month starting at 19:30 untill 21:30 at the Stockingford Community Centre. Club members also meet on the 1st Friday of each month at a local pub for the clubs monthly "Pint & Chat" event, aimed at providing a relaxed setting to simply relax with friends and enjoy a chat about anything from Radio, Rockets, Caving to Treasure Hunting theres always something diffent to talk about. For those keen to get talking on the air, the club also offers an informal Club Net which is held each Thursday starting at 21:30 and can be found on the 2m FM band 145.475Mhz

Details of the next events coming up at Nuneaton & District ARC can be found below, including details on dates and times. A full list of club events is provided on the "Events Guide" page.

Events This Month

Friday 6th April

"Pint & Chat Night"

19:30, The Griffin, Nuneaton, CV10 7PJ

3rd Friday (20th April)

"Consultation Review & Club Proposal"

19:30 - 21:30

Thursday Evenings

"NDARC Club Net"

21:30 145.475Mhz

Latest News - 2018 AGM - Another Great Meeting?

Isnt that what AGM stands for, oh in that case it must have been the 2018 Annual General Meeting for NDARC instead. Either way the meeting proved to be another great meeting, with a very healthy attendance by members. Election for the committee were held with the current officers of the club retaining their original seats, a small ammendment to the general committee occured as one member stepped down and the committee was pleased to welcome into its ranks Callum one of the clubs younger members by a unanomous decision. The remainder of the meeting centred around the achievements the club had received during the 2017 season and the opportunities which lay ahead during 2018. The membership thanked the committee for their ongoing support and leadership of the club. The club meets again on the 16th February for a talk by Callum Whitehall & Lee Hall on "Preparedness In The Modern Age"

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